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building great reputations

Perdicus Communications is a Washington, DC-based communications strategy company. John and his team members collectively have over 50 years of experience serving individuals, non-profits, businesses, and organizations.

With a distinctive, hands-on service, which includes media outreach, public relations, content marketing, website development, high-profile event marketing, search engine optimization, video production, advertising, new releases and social media.  Our clients understand the importance of hiring the right PR firm to grow, maintain and stabilize their business or personal brand.  Our clients understand that neglecting positive PR can damage a business or personal brand. 


Founder and Managing Director John Arundel has written for The New York Times, Washington Post and Miami Herald, and has reported for NBC and NPR. 


Perdicus associate Maria Sheehan worked with John at The New York Times and was previously Vice President of Burson-Marstellar, and Hill-Knowlton, the global PR firms .

Art Director Emma Goodman is an award winning creative designer from London, who has worked with John on multiple ad campaigns over the years.    


The Perdicus team take pride in their professionalism, connections, accuracy, attention to detail and attentiveness to their clients. 

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